The Rapture and Christmas (Author Unknown)

Deel hierdie boodskap op Sosiale Media
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It was the night before Christmas, and I was reading the Word,
every prophecy was coming true, I know this sounds absurd.
All the signs of the end are happening so fast,
there is no way this world is going to last.

As I dozed off to sleep, I gave the Lord a quick prayer,
bless my dreams I said and give me something to share.
And as I dozed off and was beginning to nod,
I started to see visions that struck me as odd.

It was nearly the end with a world filled with sin,
all of heaven was quiet, not even an amen.
There on the throne sat the Father with care,
in hopes that the Lord Jesus would soon be there.

And next to the throne for all to see,
was the Book of Life that keeps track of you and me.
Above the throne was strung a great banner,
it kept track of every saved soul in quite a heavenly manner.

When out of the east there arose such a shout,
I sprung from my bed to see what was about.
Away to my window I flew so fast,
I looked to the Heavens and saw Him at last.

The Father stood up, full of might and great power,
He looked to his right and said, Son now is thine hour.
The Father gives a wink and an nod and with great glory and pride,
He said to His Son; Go get your Bride.

Then all of a sudden from the skies above,
the clouds departed and I saw a white dove.
There was lightning and thunder and a great trumpet blast,
I hoped and I prayed I would not be last.

Then I heard a great shout and he yelled out my name,
come up hither for you have no more same.
My heart was racing and pounding and then skipped a beat,
next thing I know I was there at His feet.

With all power and glory and might,
there was my saviour – oh what a sight.
I looked at those scars, foot, hands and face,
but as I looked at his eyes all I saw was grace.

He gave me a hug and a warm embrace,
saying don’t worry child, you have won this race.
Enter in good and faithful servant He spoke,
I have prepared all this for you, it’s no joke.

With this ring and this crown, I take you my bride,
To me my faithful wife, My glory, My pride.
Then the gates were shut, and the wedding began,
but down on earth his wrath was on man.

For seven years all the world will stress,
wrath and judgement – oh what a mess.
Many will fall to their knees and shout,
Lord forgive us and help us out.

But for the rest, that are left behind,
their sin filled life has left them blind.
He called out their sins one by one, so prideful,
So boastful and so full of hate.
You could have repented, but now it’s too late.

Because you where foolish and took the wrong path,
you will now experience God’s just wrath.
There is only one way to Heaven, accept the gift from the Son,
His life for your sins, paid in full, it’s finished, it’s done.

He conquered death and arose from the grave,
He did it for you, only He can save.
With gnashing of teeth and shaking of fist,
many will realize there not on the list.

Oh Lord check it twice,
As far as the world, I’m pretty nice.
The next thing I knew I saw a long line,
It stretched for miles like a long grape vine.

Millions of people were waiting to see,
and tell their story and give their plea.
But Lord I have gone to that church, all my life,
and unlike most people I have had only one wife.

Every Saturday I went door to door,
Pushing “awake”, “watchtower” and more
I rode my bike with white shirt and tie,
Giving out that other gospel, I would not lie.

All roads lead to Heaven, I’ve been told,
You’re born that way so be prideful and bold.
But Lord, I gave at the office and once to the poor,
surely that will get me into Heaven, now open that door.

The Lord said go away, you cannot stay,
You’ve had your chance, now go away.
I never knew you, you’re not in the Book,
here it is, now take a look.

As I woke from my dream and wonderful sleep,
I looked and behold, I started to weep.
I was still in my bed, so I started to pray,
oh, thank you Lord for this kind day.

I thank you Lord for the dream of warning,
it’s not too late, I won’t have to go into mourning.
A second chance to warn and say,
give your life to Jesus, He is the only way.

I knew from the dream and with all my heart,
that soon that day will come that we will depart.
But while time is left, there is much to do,
share this word and be so kind,
so that no one, not one, is left behind.

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